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What does EH4 error mean?

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Board error (in some cases it may cause the motor to close). Contact the service center!

№ 2

Is there any protection from children in the new models of washing machines?

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Child protection function installed on all models of automatic washing machines

№ 3

Which models have a signal about the end of the washing process?

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A similar signal is available in all models and in all modes of washing machines, except for the night wash mode.

№ 4

Why does water heating not work?

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The heating element does not work in all modes (depending on the mode). Perhaps the heating element (TEH) does not work.

№ 5

Why does the door remain locked after the end of the wash?

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1. Incorrect handling of the drain hose, it is possible that the hose is too high from the specified height, which causes the rest of the water in the hose to flow back into the tank, and at that moment the water level sensor is activated, which prevents the door from opening.

2. Water remains in the tank after washing.

№ 6

If the technique is going to scale can it be cleaned?

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In all models there is a mode "Cleaning the drum", which prevents the appearance of scale. It is also recommended to use descaling agents during washing. The risk of scaling on the walls of the drum and the heating element increases due to poor powder quality, or too hard water.

№ 7

Why does water flow out of the powder compartment?

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Water should not flow out, even if the washing machine works without a tray handle. This happens when the nozzle connecting to the drum is clogged. Contact the service center!

№ 8

In new models gives errors

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If during operation any part of the machine is not functioning, then the display will show an error code corresponding to this problem. To solve the problem, contact the service center.