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Can I install apps on Smart TVs?

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Smart TVs can only install certain applications. A sample list of suitable applications: VLC player, YouTube, Chrome, iTV, Allplay, Mediabay TV, ES explorer, IPTV, MxPlayer, Forkplayer various players, browsers and other multimedia applications.

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What version of Android is installed on Smart TVs?

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Android 4.4 is installed on Smart 9000 TVs.

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Remote coding

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Turn off the power of the TV from the outlet, remove the batteries from the remote and press any button on the remote. Re-insert the batteries into the remote control, connect the power to the TV, but do not turn it on. Hold down the Sleep and Mute or List and Mute buttons (for LED 7000 / 32.42) Menu and Exit (for LED 7000/50) for about 5 seconds at a time.

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Can I control my TV with my smartphone?

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Yes, you can control using a smartphone. This requires a smartphone with infrared sensors.

№ 5

Some channels have no image

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1. The broadcaster changed the frequency of the channels;

2. Pay TV channels;

3. The tuner cannot decode HD channels;


1. Reset the TV settings and repeat the auto search channels.

2. If you did not find the channels using autosearch, specify the channel frequencies and specify manually.

№ 6

The picture size is wrong

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Reason: Image content in 4: 3 mode. Solution: Select the "screen size" item in the TV menu via the remote control and adjust the size to your discretion.

№ 7

Black screen

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1. Unstable power;

2. No signal;


1. Check the power on and off;

2. Check if the input signal is properly connected;

If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.

№ 8

Does not turn on

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1. Check for electricity in the room;

2. Check if the TV's power cord is securely connected to the outlet;

3. Check the cable connection to the power socket of the TV;

4. If the connection is through the pilot, then check the condition of the pilot sockets and the reliability of the connection;

5. Also, if there is a pilot indicator, check if the pilot is on;

6. Check the suitability of the remote control batteries.

№ 9

The voice does not match the image

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1. Try restarting your TV;

2. Remove the antenna cable, reconnect;

3. If connected to a digital broadcaster (Uzdigital), check the signal strength, as in some cases this is due to broadcast problems. If the problem persists spontaneously, contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.

№ 10

Record function does not work

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  1. Check whether the usb device is properly inserted (flash drive or external drive).
  2. 2. Check if the TV opens the inserted usb device.
  3. 3. Check the inserted flash drive, the TV reads the flash drive of the Fat and NTFS file systems, but only the Fat file system is required for recording.
№ 11

Antenna shows on other TVs, does not show on Artel

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1. Check if the antenna splitter is installed correctly.

2. Purchase high-quality antenna equipment recommended by Artel.

3. Install the antenna properly outside.

4. Securely connect the plugs, cable and plug into the TV jack properly. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.

№ 12

CI card comes to the very end

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You need to carefully insert the CI card into the CAM module. If the module goes too deep into the slot of the CAM module and there is no signal, contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.

№ 13

Is there a webcam in the Smart TV set?

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No, not available.

№ 14

The difference between LCD TVs with LED backlight and LCD with backlight cold cathode lamps

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LED TVs allow you to achieve better picture quality compared to LCD TVs due to the LED backlight design. In LCD TVs, one cold cathode lamp illuminates the entire screen and because of this it is impossible to achieve a local dimming of one area of ​​the screen and brightening the other. In LED TVs, due to the large number of LEDs, you can evenly change the brightness of one area of ​​the screen by dimming the diodes in another area and vice versa. Accordingly, the LED TVs backlight more active, uneven, which allows for more contrast and color reproduction.

LCD displays based on liquid crystals. CCFL - The technology of conventional LCD TVs - here the cold cathode lamp, the same fluorescent (fluorescent) lamps are used as the screen backlight. LED - in LED TVs, diodes are used as the backlight - a semiconductor device that generates radiation (glow) when an electric current passes through it.

№ 15

The stand does not attach securely

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When attaching a TV stand, you need to act exactly according to the instructions and carefully fasten the bolts or stand fasteners. If the parts or mounting slots are defective, it is recommended to contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.

№ 16

Spots and stripes appear on the screen.

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Causes of stains are most often associated with non-compliance with caution when using TVs, in particular by accidentally striking the screen.

1. Turn off the TV, then turn it on again.

2. Try to gently clean (wipe) that part of the screen panel where the stain was formed to determine the origin of the stain. It could have been formed outside.

If these actions did not help, it is recommended to contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.

№ 17

In the remote 3, 4 buttons do not work

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Reposition the batteries from the remote, and try pressing all the buttons. If the problem is not resolved, the inside of the console is most likely damaged. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.

№ 18

Broken screen (or crack)

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It is recommended to contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88. Experts will decide on the repair of the TV according to the conditions and requirements of the guarantee.

№ 19

What spare parts are produced in our factory?

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Artel's production bases produce parts such as: Main PCB, power board, on-screen panel, power cord, all types of TV case (front frame, internal frame, back cover), support mounts, TV stand, all metal components, packaging parts, user manual and warranty card.

№ 20

Are any 3D glasses suitable for Smart and 3D TVs?

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There are glasses of two types of passive and active for watching 3D TVs. Since the passive 3D glasses function is normal, most glasses from other manufacturers must be suitable for watching 3D Artel TVs. Active 3D glasses connect to 3D TVs via a Bluetooth connection; to do this, you need to make a sync. Therefore, before buying active 3D glasses it is recommended to check whether they are suitable for this TV.

№ 21

Wi-fi is turning off

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The problem may arise for several reasons: frequent breaks in the network, unreliable connection of router cables, slow Internet speed, power failure, lack of traffic or money on the client’s balance, as well as many other reasons.

If your wi-fi components are in good condition, you should properly connect them to the TV. If the reason for non-working wi-fi is found in the TV itself, contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.

№ 22

Does not read flash drive

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  1. Try restarting your flash drive by carefully inserting the flash drive into the appropriate slot.
  2. If you have the ability and enough skill, check whether the format of your flash drive to the TV;
  3.  Also check the size of your flash drive, in some cases flash drives with large amounts are not designed for TVs. That is, the USB processor of the TV will not be able to read large volumes. Try copying your media to a flash drive with less space.
  4. If your TV does not read video files, but reads other files, then you should reformat your videos to a format that supports your TV.
  5. If the TV reads some movies and some does not, then unreadable files should also be reformatted to a format that supports your TV.
№ 23


What are the differences between the 9000 and 9100 models?


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The differences between the two models in the design. In addition, IPS screens are installed in 9100 models.

IPS screen is a high-quality liquid crystal matrix. IPS screens have more realistic color reproduction, and better in details, contrast and clarity. IPS screens transmit colors equally well from any angle and have a brighter backlight.

№ 24

No signal, double image or bad image on the screen

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1. Try to turn on the TV again;

2. Reinsert the antenna cable;

3. Check whether the TV socket and antenna plug are working, also check: a) cable with antenna b) cables / plugs connected to the TV socket c) If you have a satellite connection, check the cable connection with the satellite antenna; cable / plug to a separate tuner or built-in. If you do not have a built-in tuner, then check the connection between the tuner and the TV;

4. If you are connected to a paid broadcaster (Terrestrial digital broadcaster, satellite, cable, Internet TV), you should check your balance;

5. Check if the TV provider is carrying out maintenance / technical work. Usually the broadcaster notifies of such changes in advance. You can also call your TV provider for details.

№ 25

Does not read the CI card

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1. Check if the CI card is inserted correctly.

2. Try re-insert the card into the CAM module;

3. Check whether the CAM module and the HD card itself is not damaged;

4. If you are connected to a paid broadcaster (Terrestrial digital broadcaster, satellite, cable, Internet TV), you should check your balance;

5. Check if the broadcast is currently on. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.

№ 26

The remote is not working properly

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The problem with the remote.


1. Check battery suitability;

2. Check that the polarity (- +) of the battery is set correctly.

3. Check if the remote control is in the TV range. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact the Artel service center (+99878) 148-88-88.