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  1. Does not freeze, with proper use and no problems in the voltage
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This may be due to a leak in the system, low-dose or blockage. Contact the service center.

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Why does the motor of the refrigerator work in MED mode without stopping?

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This happens if the refrigerator is filled with low doses, there is oil in the system, micro leakage in the tubes or blockage in the system.

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Why the compressor of the new refrigerator is constantly working the first day?

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In the starting mode, the refrigerator is cooled, due to which it works constantly.

№ 4

Unpleasant smell from the camera or from the back of the case

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Untimely cleaning of the refrigerator and melt water installed above the compressor.

№ 5

No Frost mode

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“No Frost” is an air cooling system in a refrigerator without frost formation (“snow coat”).


• The solenoid valve regulates the flow of refrigerant to the refrigerating and freezing chambers. When the temperature of the refrigerating chamber, installed using an electronic display, is reached, the valve cuts off the refrigerant supply to the refrigerating chamber. In this case, the supply of refrigerant to the freezer continues until the set temperature is reached. After that, the compressor is turned off.

• Refrigerator: a special fan circulates the air, and an evaporator mounted on the back wall cools the air inside the chamber. After reaching the set temperature, the refrigerant supply to the chamber is stopped and a defrost begins, according to the same principle as in the “weeping evaporator” refrigerator.

• Freezer: a special fan provides air circulation, and a radiator-type evaporator mounted on the back wall provides cooling for the air inside the chamber. After reaching the set temperature, the coolant supply stops, the frost on the surface of the evaporator is thawed with the help of a special tubular electric heater of the evaporator. Melt water is discharged through a drainage channel at the bottom of the freezer.

№ 6

How fast is the tank filled with water?

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Not filled. The tank is installed above the compressor, during operation the surface of the compressor can heat up to 90 C°. The filled water evaporates under great heat without leaving traces of water.

№ 7

Can the door seals be included in the warranty?

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The guarantee includes the replacement of a product with internal defects if it is impossible to eliminate them.

№ 8

What causes the cracks?

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Cracks appear due to washing with unintended detergents.

№ 9

Why the body of the refrigerator swells?

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Due to internal condenser leakage.

№ 10

Works with noise (in the absence of problems in current and operation)

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This may be due to the fact that the tubes of the refrigerator touch the case, or the refrigerator is installed incorrectly or was damaged during transportation.

№ 11

Door twisted

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During transportation of the refrigerator, in the refrigerator is used heat-insulating material polyurethane foam, which shrinks. The possible appearance of minor irregularities on the surfaces of the refrigerator, caused by shrinkage of polyurethane foam, does not affect the operation of the refrigerator and does not deteriorate the insulation.

№ 12

The inner chamber is convex

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Internal leakage. Leak on the evaporator tubes at soldering points. Contact the service center.

№ 13

The display does not work

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No electricity, no contact in the wires. Incorrectly wired plug

№ 14

The fridge is noisy

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Refrigeration piping lines touch the body of the refrigerator or the wall, the refrigerator is installed incorrectly.

№ 15

Min. Med. Max. settings

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The temperature mode in the refrigerator is set by turning the thermostat knob and is maintained automatically. Graduation of cooling capacity of the unit: "MIN", "MED" and "MAX", "OFF" is applied on the handle of the thermostat.

№ 16

The two sides heat up

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The condenser is made in the form of a coil tube mounted on the inner surface of the side panels of the refrigerator, or a tubular sheet shield mounted on the rear wall, and serves as a heat exchanger to remove heat from the refrigerant vapor to the environment. This is due to the preliminary increase in vapor pressure in the compressor and the removal of heat from them in the condenser. The condenser must be well cooled - this is a guarantee of normal operation of the refrigerator. To do this, you need free space around the refrigerator (at least 100 mm).

№ 17

Display setting

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1. Design of the refrigerator.

2. Sign of the refrigerating chamber.

3. The temperature of the refrigerator.

4. Sign of closing the refrigerating chamber.

5. Sign of energy saving.

6. Sign of instant cooling.

7. Intellectual mode.

8. Lock sign.

9. Fast freeze mark.

10. The temperature of the freezer.

11. Line isolation cameras.

12. Freezer mark.

A Adjust the temperature of the refrigerating chamber / fast cold / turn the camera on or off in the unlocked state (Press 3 sec.)

B: Select the operating mode in the unlocked state;

C. Temperature adjustment for each camera in unlocked state

D. To unlock the control panel (Press for 3 sec.)

To lock (Press 3sec.)

E. Freezer temperature adjustment / quick freeze in unlocked state.

F. Icon present or not present depending on the product you choose. Full information about the display settings in the manual servis manual p.3,5

№ 18

Information on other modes of the model Artel HD 364RWEN

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To activate (enable) the QUICK COOLING mode, open the door of the cooling chamber and press the FRIDGE button. At the same time, the symbol FRIDGE will flash on the display. Then press and hold the MODE button for 2 seconds to enter the “FAST COOLING” mode, after which the “FAST COOLING” symbol will light up on the display and the refrigerator will start to operate in the rapid cooling mode. To deactivate the QUICK COOLING mode, perform the same operations as for activation. When deactivated, the QUICK COOLING symbol will disappear from the display. To activate (enable) the FAST FREEZER mode, press the FREEZER button 1 time. The FAST FROZE symbol will flash on the display. The freezer will start to work in QUICK FREEZE mode. To deactivate  this mode, perform the same operations as for activation. After deactivating the quick freeze mode, the quick freeze symbol will disappear from the display.

№ 19

Why the refrigerator stops cooling when being in a cold room?

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The majority of modern refrigerators works according to this principle. The compressor is turned on in units of this type by the “weeping” evaporator sensor, which is activated when the temperature rises to +4 - +10 ° С If the temperature on the balcony or loggia is below these values, the refrigerator, including the freezer, simply will not turn on and fulfill its main purpose.

№ 20

Is it possible to turn off the freezer / fridge chamber separately (model 364)?

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On model 364, you can only turn off the refrigerator chamber.