№ 1

Why freon leak is often observed

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Freon leakage occurs mainly due to improper transportation, inaccurate handling of the outdoor unit and due to poor installation.

№ 2

Outdoor unit in winter covered with ice

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In heating mode, this is completely normal. The accumulation of ice on the outdoor unit depends on the humidity among the surrounding.

№ 3

For what reason does the air conditioner not cool / not warm if the settings are in order, the filters are clean and there are no problems in the voltage?

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If the air conditioner does not cool / does not heat when the settings are set correctly, the filters are clean and the power supply is normal - contact the service center.

№ 4

Shows errors

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If the air conditioner produces any error, turn it off immediately and contact the service center!

№ 5

What is DEFROST?

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DEFROST - This is from the English "DEFROST" to thaw, defrost.
When the air conditioner is operating in heating mode, condensation accumulates on the outdoor unit radiator and gradually freezes. Over time, the ice itself thaws, and this very process is called DEFROST.

№ 6

Why in some cases, outdoor unit noise

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Noise in the outdoor unit arises due to improper transportation, inaccurate handling of the outdoor unit (deformation of the case with a strong blow) and poor-quality installation.
If the noise in the outdoor unit occurs after some time (after six months, a year, etc.), then the possibility of loosening the  screws used in the installation is likely. In any case, contact the service center.

№ 7

Types of freon

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"R22" and "R410a"

№ 8

Interpretation of the initials of air conditioners

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1. Mobile - "MA".
2. AURORA - "HA".
3. GLORIA - "HG".
4. MONTANA - "HM".
7. SHERDOR - "FG".
9. JAYHUN - "FS".

№ 9

Do I need a certificate for installation?

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№ 10

Sound from the indoor unit

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If the air conditioner emits any uncharacteristic sound, turn off the air conditioner and contact the service center.

№ 11

Water is flowing from the indoor fan

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There are several reasons for this:
Due to the untimely cleaning of the filters of the indoor unit, the radiator and the drain hole are contaminated, these contaminants partially close the drain system and at the same time the condensate does not have time to escape, which leads to water leakage.
Secondly, this is possible because of the low-quality installation of the indoor unit which is not installed at the proper level.

№ 12

Works like a fan, does not cool and does not heat

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You may have just changed the mode and in this case it will take some time for the air conditioner to switch to cooling or heating mode. Also, perhaps this is due to a power surge. In this case, the air conditioner protection is triggered, which may cause it to blow for some time without cooling or heating.

№ 13

Air conditioner blows badly

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This is due to the untimely cleaning of the filters of the indoor unit, which leads to severe contamination of radiators and fan drums. Contamination is the main cause, but other than that, you should also check the settings of the air conditioner.

№ 14

Mode setting

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Depending on the model, the air conditioner has up to 5 modes.
1. Cooling mode - "COOL".
2. Heating mode - "HEAT".
3. Dry air mode - "DRY".
4. Fan mode - "FAN".
5. Automatic setting mode - "AUTO".
To control the modes, read the instructions for use.

№ 15

Why does the display fade with time?

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Over time, the display does not tarnish, they look dull for reasons:
1. When the air conditioner is working in dusty places (In a store, crowded room, etc.) dust is generated inside the display, due to which the display shows worse than before.
2. When the air conditioner works in places like: in the kitchen, in the production premises, in the factories, in the shops and etc. A layer of dirt forms on the outer casing of the indoor unit, which makes the display image worse.