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Special internal coating of mini-oven
Artel mini-ovens have a special internal coating on which no scratches remain, even at prolonged high temperatures. Due to the smooth surface the cleaning process becomes a pleasure.
Special internal coating of mini-oven
Sound timer in mini-oven
At the end of the cooking process at the Artel mini-ovens, a sound timer is triggered to indicate that the dish is ready and can be served.
Sound timer in mini-oven


Special internal coating enable
Fine thermostat enable
Buzzer enable
Temperature-resistant glass enable
General characteristics
Oven capacity, l 36.0
Casing material Steel 08U
Temperature settings, C˚ up to 300°С
Energy consumption
Upper heater, kW 0.7
Lower heater, kW 0.7
Heating grill, kW none
Oven power, kW 1.4
Modes and functions
Number of heating modes 3.0
Baking mode enable
Simultaneous heating of two heaters enable
Mechanical cooking timer (buzzer) up to 90 min.
Automatic safety shut-off enable
LED indicators enable
Baking pan height adjustment enable
Enameled rectangular tray 1.0
Deep rounded tray enable
Grid enable
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions, without package (H x W x D), mm 300 x 530 x 380
Dimensions, with package (H x W x D), mm 310 x 540 x 390
Weight without package, kg 12
More than 30 service centers
Own logistics center
The largest manufacturer in Central Asia
3 years of full warranty

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