Compressors from world leading manufacturers
Adapted for climatic conditions
Cooling capacity large areas
Optional electric heater
Blinds control function
Timer/Sleep function
Auto restart
General characteristics
Type of refrigerant (Freon) R 410А
Ventilation mode enable
LED-display (set temperature, operating mode, On/Off.) enable
Anti-corrosion coating enable
Cooling ambient temperature up to +43°С
Heating ambient temperature up to -7°С
Noise level of indoor unit / outdoor unit, dB 57 / 58
Specific cooling capacity, W/W (minimum) 2.88
Specific heating capacity, W/W (minimum) 2.93
Air flow, m3/h (minimum) 1800.0
Cooling capacity, BTU (minimum) 47800.0
Heating capacity, BTU (minimum) 49500.0
Heat output, kW (minimum) 14.5
Cooling capacity, kW (minimum) 14.0
Energy consumption
Power consumption for cooling, W 4864.0
Power consumption for heating, W 4944.0
Power supply (phase, voltage, frequency) 3Ph/380-415V/50Hz
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions of the indoor unit, mm (H x W x D) 1876 х 580 х 380
Dimensions of the outdoor unit, mm (H x W x D) 1315 х 940 х 340
Weight of the indoor unit, kg 54.6
Weight of the outdoor unit, kg 112.0
More than 30 service centers
Own logistics center
The largest manufacturer in Central Asia
1 to 3 years free full warranty depending on region and category