Built-in safity system Reliable, removable glass door of oven Grill function in the ranges Burners electric ignition Dish storage box Sound alert of readiness of dishes
Reliable, removable glass door of oven
The glass in the oven door is removable, making it very convenient to clean the door after using the gas stove. Also, it should be noted that glass is tempered and can withstand critical temperatures.
Reliable, removable glass door of oven
Burners electric ignition
The electric ignition of the burners saves your time and eliminate the need to use matches every time you turn the stove on.
Burners electric ignition


Range type Gas
Cooking surface type Gas
Oven type Gas
Convenient operation
Removable oven door glass
Cooktop burners electric ignition
Heat-resistant tempered glass
Original design
General characteristics
Type Gas
Oven capacity, l 65.0
Number of operating modes 2.0
Energy consumption
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
Upper heater, W -
Lower heater, W -
Cooking surface
Cooktop burners electric ignition with buttons
Number of cooktop gas burners, pcs 4.0
Number of electric hobs, pcs. 0.0
Cooktop gas supply control -
Digital timer -
Mechanical timer -
Oven electric ignition -
Thermostat -
Electric oven lighting
Oven convection -
Electric broiling rack -
Storage drawer -
Nickel-plated oven wire racks, pcs. -
Pan, pcs 2.0
Oven thermometer
Oven heater indicator -
Gas control -
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions without package (H x W x D), mm 850 х 600 х 600
Dimension dimensions with packing (H x W x D), mm 930 х 650 х 700
Weight without package, kg 40.0
Weight with packing, kg 43.0
More than 30 service centers
Own logistics center
The largest manufacturer in Central Asia
1 to 3 years free full warranty depending on region and category