Eco Inverter motor Automatic drum balancing Wide loading door Antibacterial drum coating
Automatic drum balancing
The automatic drum balancing function independently distributes the weight of the loaded laundry throughout the drum, and thereby significantly reduces vibration and noise during washing.
Automatic drum balancing
Antibacterial drum coating
The antibacterial coating of the drum will allow you to clean any clothes, especially the clothes of the youngest members of your family.
Antibacterial drum coating


High energy efficiency (A)
Automatic drum balancing
Motor DD Inverter
Wide loading door
Low noise level
Antibacterial coating
Pause and Add – load washing function (available in all modes except «Wool» and «Feather things»)
General characteristics
Maximum volume load in the wash (dry linen), kg (no more) 8.0
Maximum Spin speed selection per min. 1400.0
Noise level during washing, dB (maximum) 62.0
Noise level during spin, dB (maximum) 69.0
Water operating pressure, MPa (maximum) 0,3-1,0 МРа
Water consumption per cycle, liters 66.0
Energy consumption
Energy consumption during washing, W 88.0
Energy consumption during spinning, W 222.0
Power of water pump, W 1800.0
Power source 220 V / 50 Hz
Programs and Modes
Mixed fabrics / Cotton / Synthetics / Wool / Delicate fabrics enable
Blanket / Feather things enable
Intensive washing enable
Wrinkle-free enable
Colored things 15° / Summer things enable
Underwear enable
Cleaning the drum enable
Quick wash 15 / 30 / 45 minutes enable
Night wash enable
Rinse and squeeze enable
Smart light enable
Delay enable
Damping enable
Dimensions and Weight
Overall dimensions without packing, mm (H x W x D) 850 х 600 х 580
Weight without packing, kg 70.0
More than 30 service centers
Own logistics center
The largest manufacturer in Central Asia
1 to 3 years free full warranty depending on region and category