About Artel


About Us

 Artel is a leader in the production of household appliances and electronics in Central Asia. The company started its operation in 2011 with the production of gas stoves. Nowadays, the Artel product range has everything you need for your home. Artel produces more than twenty categories of household appliances, including air conditioners, microwave ovens, mini-ovens, gas and electric cookers, televisions, refrigerators, mobile phones, built-in appliances, vacuum cleaners, hoods, small household appliances, etc.


 How we see Artel:

 Artel is a dynamically and steadily growing company, creating innovations in the field of high technologies, and actively introducing them into the production of electrical engineering.

We try to show it through our products, which are constantly being improved, modernized, becoming more convenient, affordable, high-quality and functional.


 Our Strategy:

We follow a certain strategy, due to which our company and its employees continuously and comprehensively develop. The main points of our strategic development plan are:

- The introduction of advanced engineering and development methods, the introduction of innovative technologies in the sphere of production to create products that meet international standards, as well as the desires and tastes of consumers.

- The acquisition of foreign markets through the production and supply of high-quality, functional, modern and affordable for all products.


- Continuing training and professional development of the company's employees, creation of optimal working conditions, as well as participation in various state social projects.


- Determination of the needs and expectations of consumers. Evaluation and continuing work on increasing customers’ satisfaction.


- Work on improving the level of customer service.



Research and development:

Artel Company has a special experimental research and development center, R & D. Research and Development center is actively engaged in the development and creation of new technologies, new construction solutions and design, research and practical tests of products under development. Based on the requirements of consumers, the research center is developing new ideas to create an even more modern and high-quality product. This is where the first step is taken towards innovation and modernization.





International relationships:


We cooperate with world famous companies such as Samsung and Shivaki. Artel’s production capacity is sufficient to manufacture foreign partners’ products in full compliance with their technical requirements and standards. At the moment, Artel manufactures Samsung refrigerators, monitors, televisions and vacuum cleaners, as well as a line of Shivaki household appliances.



Artel products are exported to many countries, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation. The range of Artel products, as well as the demand for it is constantly expanding. The company is continuously expanding its export zone and is discovering new markets and countries.





Contribution to the future



Artel believes that the most valuable contribution to the future is the harmonious development of the younger generation. For this reason Artel Technical School was founded. Artel Technical School is a school with a specially developed program of in-depth study of technical and natural subjects. Lessons are taught in three languages, which undoubtedly develops the cognitive process and improves linguistic abilities! From primary school age, students learn a unique discipline called “robotics”, and learn to work with innovative technologies. Such practice and methodical training program has no analogues in the whole Republic of Uzbekistan!

Artel Technical School is a school of the future, designed to create generations of formed, competent, tech-savvy young people with great imagination and great intellectual abilities!