Multilingual menu Time Shift function Noise reduction system Built-in tuners Ultra Slim Smart Ultra Slim TV UHD high resolution
Multilingual menu
A large number of languages are built into the TV menu. You can choose a comfortable language for you and easily customize your TV.
Multilingual menu
Time Shift function
With the Time Shift feature, you get the option to pause the live broadcast. A very convenient feature if you need to urgently leave during an important sport game or an interesting TV show.
Time Shift function
Noise reduction system
The noise reduction system will clear the image from the noise caused by a weak signal. Thanks to the noise reduction system, you will always enjoy a bright and clear picture.
Noise reduction system
Built-in tuners
With the new Artel TV there is no need to buy additional tuners to connect to digital or satellite television. Compact tuners are originally built into the TV and offer great viewing opportunities.
Built-in tuners


Type – LED TV, IPS enable
Screen resolution – Full HD enable
PVR – recording of digital broadcast enable
Built-in digital tuners enable
Noise reduction system enable
LED backlighting enable
Multilingual menu enable
Time Shift (live pause) enable
Parental control enable
Aspect ratio 16:9
Screen resolution, px Full HD 1920 х 1080
Number of colors 16.700.000
Input for antenna and cable TV: (DVB-T/C) / (DVB-S/S2) 1/1
ATV video formats support PAL/SECAM
DTV video formats support MPEG-2H.264
Built-in Digital tuner DVB-T/Т2
Built-in satellite tuner DVB-S/S2
Slot for CI, CI+ card enable
HDMI Input/output, pcs 3.0
USB input 2.0
VGA input enable
Composite AV input enable
Component Input (Y/Pb/PR) none
Audio output for headphones enable
Digital Audio output OPTICAL
Connection to Internet Wi-Fi none
Connection to internet LAN none
Energy consumption
Maximum power consumption, W 90.0
Standby power consumption, W < 0,5
Power supply 110-240V; 50/60 Hz
Audio output power, W 2 x 10
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions with TV foot (H х W х D), mm 700 х 1107 х 200
Dimensions without TV foot (H х W х D), mm 649,8 х 1107 х 79,9
Dimensions with package (H х W х D), mm 767 х 1184 х 141
Net weight, kg 12.0
Gross weight, kg 14.7

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  • Artel TV LED 9100 49" FHD (124 cm)
  • 3955000 sum

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