•The 300 W motor allows you to squeeze out juice even from hard fruits and vegetables.
• Body material: high quality plastic
• Type: centrifugal (universal)
• High speed of rotation of 8000-18000 rpm, in a few minutes will turn your fruits and vegetables into freshly squeezed 100% natural and nutritious juice.
• A juicer includes a large juice collection bowl (0.5 l), due to which you can get a large amount of juice.
• Comfortable-to-operate power button for easy use.
• Large removable tank for processed fruits and vegetables will allow to get a large volume of juice without cleaning the tank from processed fruits and vegetables during operation.
• Convenient locks ensure maximum safety during operation.
• Time of continuous operation is 20 minutes, which is enough to make a large amount of juice.
• The kit of juicers also includes a recipe book that will give you a lot of useful and diverse recipes for the whole family
More than 30 service centers
Own logistics center
The largest manufacturer in Central Asia
3 years of full warranty

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