LED lighting Refrigerant R 600A Optimum humidity Volt Control Inverter technology Надежно и безопасно No Frost технология
LED lighting
Bright and comfortable LED backlight is very convenient when you are looking for a product in the refrigerator in the dark.
LED lighting
Optimum humidity
The Artel refrigerator is able to automatically maintain the optimum humidity at which your products will retain their freshness for a long time.
Optimum humidity
Refrigerant R 600A
The refrigerant R 600A is completely environmentally friendly, economical and energy efficient. This refrigerant does absolutely no harm to the ozone layer and is able to decrease in mass up to 30%, which makes it very economical.
Refrigerant R 600A
Tempered glass shelves
Tempered glass inside the refrigerator is able to withstand an impressive mass and will serve you for many years.
Tempered glass shelves
Cooling system from global manufacturers
In the refrigerator used compressor from the global manufacturer of Embraco. Embraco compressor is characterized by high reliability, noiselessness and low power consumption.
Cooling system from global manufacturers
No Frost Technology
No Frost is a state-of-the-art technology that provides forced circulation of cold air and prevents frost formation in refrigerators.
No Frost Technology


Compressors by the World-leading manufacturer
High-energy efficiency
LED highlighting
Optimum humidity
Lattice shelf
Glazing in tempered glass Advanced technologies for preserving the benefits of the products
Coolant R 600A
Main characteristics
Total usable volume, liters 305.0
NO FROST technology enable
Control of the refrigerator work electron
Interior lighting - LED lamp enable
Freezing capacity, Kg/day 3.0
Climate version (subtropical) ST, N
Noise level, dB 42.0
Outweighing the doors
Energy consumption
Energy consumption per year, kW/h 262.0
Energy efficiency grade (power consumption) А+
Freezer chamber
Freezer volume, liters 60.0
Freezer location top session
Number of sections 2.0
Defrost System (freezer) No Frost
Lattice shelf of the freezer, pcs none
Refrigeration chamber
Fridge volume, liters 245.0
Number of shelves in the refrigerator chamber 3.0
Number of large door barrier-shelves 1.0
Number of medium-sized door barrier-shelves 1.0
The number of small barriers-shelves of the door 2.0
Box for fruits and vegetables storage 1.0
Defrost System (refrigerator chamber) No Frost
Shelves material tempered glass
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions without packing, mm (H x W x D) 1608 х 595 х 716
Dimensions with packing, mm (H x W x D) 1670 х 666 х 766
Net weight, kg 58.0
Gross weight, kg 63.0
More than 30 service centers
Own logistics center
The largest manufacturer in Central Asia
1 to 3 years free full warranty depending on region and category