Artel products have a number of certificates confirming the quality compliance with European norms and standards.

A key factor in the success of Artel is the continuous improvement of the quality of its products, as well as the improvement and modernization of production processes. On an ongoing basis, work is carried out on the retraining of personnel, studying technological processes and the structure of production of global manufacturers.



A significant contribution to product development is made by the R & D department, which is working on the development of technical innovations, as well as on the improvement of existing products. 


The result of continuous work on product quality was the obtainment of the CE Certificate of Conformity from one of the best European product certification companies TUVNORD, as well as the conformity certificate of the EAC Customs Union.



Artel attaches great importance to the safety of manufactured equipment. Proof of this are directives such as the European Parliament's 2014/35 / EU on low-voltage equipment and the 2014/30 / EU on electromagnetic compatibility of the world famous certification company TUVNORD. Certificates of compliance issued to the following product categories: mini-ovens, stoves and televisions.



The certificate with Directive 2014/35 / EU of the European Parliament on low-voltage equipment is aimed at increasing the use of electrical appliances for the life and health of people, animals, and property. This means that having a similar certificate Artel products with proper installation and proper use is completely safe! Also, according to directive 2014/30 / EU, household appliances do not create any electromagnetic interference! In accordance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/35 / EU, electrical appliances and electrical equipment must be designed and manufactured so that their work does not create electromagnetic interference that could disrupt the operation of radio, telecommunications and other equipment. In addition, such appliances themselves must retain the ability to operate properly with a normal level of electromagnetic interference.



Artel factories are constantly refining technological processes and retrofitting production facilities in accordance with the requirements necessary to provide high quality final product. Changes are made to the technological process, certification of equipment and measuring devices is carried out. Special testing laboratories organized on Artel factories, with all the necessary stages of control, including input, interoperability and output control.


It is thanks to such continuous work on quality that Artel equipment is winning a worthy and deserved place on the local and world stage.


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