On July 3, South Korean Ambassador Kang Jae Kwon visited Artel's refrigerator manufacturing plant.

The purpose of the visit was to study the production processes of Artel and Samsung refrigerators, as well as to get acquainted with the activities of the service center and the logistics department.



For many years, Artel has been successfully cooperating with one of the leading South Korean companies, Samsung. Today, Artel produces not only refrigerators, but also a wide range of Samsung brand products such as TVs, vacuum cleaners and mini-ovens. 



It should be noted that the production of Samsung home appliances at Artel factories is deeply localized and carried out with mathematical precision.



South Korean Ambassador Kang Jae Kwon studied the Artel plant with great interest. The precision of production processes made a deep impression on the guest. It is worth mentioning that Artel logistics department was highly appreciated by South Korean Ambassador.



The interest of such guests to the production of household appliances and electronics in Uzbekistan indicates that the quality of the production of high-tech products in Uzbekistan is developing rapidly. It is also worth noting that Artel Company intends to further raise the quality of the home appliances produced in Uzbekistan to a new level.



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