From 6 to 9 February, Artel participated in the major international exhibition Aqua Therm Moscow 2018. Aqua Therm Moscow is a leading event in the heating, water supply, engineering and sanitary equipment, ventilation and air conditioning industries of international and Russian manufacturers.

The exhibition was attended by more than 750 participants from 34 countries, including Germany, China, France, Spain, Korea, Great Britain, Italy, Uzbekistan and many others. Participants exhibited over 40 types of equipment. 


The Aqua Therm exhibition was held in the Moscow Crocus Expo Pavilion and in just a few days attracted more than 30,000 unique visitors.




The international specialized exhibition Aqua Therm Moscow is a unique and very important event for several reasons: 


- It attracts professional target audience from around the world and ensures the most effective interaction between producers and end users;

- Gives the possibility of an annual exchange of new products in the field of heating, water supply, air conditioning, etc.



- In addition, participation in the exhibition is an important step for Artel, in strengthening and developing international relations, as well as an excellent platform for establishing new partnerships and cooperation with foreign companies;



Artel featured its inverter air conditioners. The control units of such air conditioners perform inverter power conversion. Inverter conversion allows wide regulation of cold - heat performance of Artel air conditioners. Artel inverter air conditioners can save a significant amount in electricity bills. Also, they are much better and more stable maintain the desired temperature. Inverter air conditioners Artel will give you warmth and comfort in winter, and in summer they will give you a pleasant coolness.



Artel's stand has attracted a huge number of viewers since the start of the exhibition. More than 30 countries and 700 manufacturing companies participating in the exhibition appreciated the presented products. Artel equipment has once again proved that it is fully capable of competing brilliantly with global brands and producing the highest quality and most convenient products using the most advanced technologies.


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