Artel has updated the design of its refrigerators

Scientists have shown that people surrounded by beautiful objects and enjoying aesthetic pleasure from the things around them have a longer lifespan. That is why it is important that you please yourself with a beautiful interior, beautiful design of your home and household appliances.


 Artel specialists are constantly improving, working on the design of household appliances and improving its appearance, so that every customer would enjoy even the simple contemplation of Artel household appliances. The result of recent research is the new Artel refrigerators, developed jointly with the Italian company QS Group, which has been operating for more than forty years.



In the new line of Artel refrigerators there are five different colors, among them such as red, green, white, metallic and gray. In the new refrigerators, for maximum convenience, you can move the refrigerator door in the direction you want and customize the door shelves on your own.


 The shelves of the refrigerator are made of special tempered glass and can withstand impressively large weights. In addition, a special food grade plastic is used in the new refrigerators, which is perfectly safe for storing food, as well as the environmentally friendly refrigerant R600, which does not destroy the ozone layer.


 New, two-chamber Artel refrigerators have a large capacity and are ideal for a large family. Excellent ergonomics and a special arrangement of shelves, allows you to place them even a week stock of products. Also, it is worth noting that Artel refrigerators are equipped with a huge number of functions, have a memorable design and colors, and are fully adapted to the hot climate of our country.


 Artel refrigerators are your aesthetic pleasure in the world of home appliances. Artel products have a three year full free warranty! By purchasing Artel products, the buyer receives a full three-year free warranty, which includes repair and replacement parts.


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